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Taha Global Stones (TGS), a proud member of the ECIBD Group, traces its roots back to 1952 when our grandfather envisioned a legacy in stonework. With 70 years of experience, we specialize in over 170 types of imported stones. Our father modernized our operations, evolving a small workshop into a cutting-edge factory with advanced Spanish machinery, merging traditional craftsmanship with innovation.

As Taha’s grandsons, we’ve expanded our reach to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, distributing premium stones globally. Our family-owned business continues to uphold the Taha name, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Our stones are showcased in iconic structures like the Mohamed Ali Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, and Abdiyye Castle.

At Taha Global Stones, our stones are more than materials; they’re the building blocks of dreams and legacies. Meticulously crafted, we bring the enduring beauty of our stones to projects around the world.

Building timeless legacies, one carefully crafted stone at a time..


Mission statement​

To deliver premium stone products through innovative manufacturing and exceptional craftsmanship, enhancing the beauty and durability of every project. We prioritize excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the leading global provider of premium marble and granite, recognized for our quality, precision, and innovation. We aim to set new industry standards through advanced technologies and sustainable practices.

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Elevate Your Projects with Our Premium Stone Solutions

At Taha Global Stones, we specialize in providing premium marble and granite solutions for B2B clients, including factories, quarries, large suppliers, engineers, and design studios. Our expertise and high-quality materials make us a trusted partner for large-scale projects.